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Daniel Tartakovsky

Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

Stanford University
367 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94035
Phone: +1.650.498.8791
Fax: +1.858.534.7599
Email: tartakovsky at
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Research Interests

  • Applied and computational mathematics
    Mathematical modeling of complex systems, uncertainty quantification, probabilistic risk assessment, stochastic partial differential equations, hybrid numerical algorithms, spatial statistics, data assimilation.
  • Environmental fluid mechanics
    ​Multiphase flows, subsurface flow and contaminant transport, well hydraulics, surface water / groundwater interaction, inverse modeling, subsurface imaging, decisions under uncertainty.
  • Biomedical modeling

    Blood flow, microcirculation, intracellular and intercellular transport, bioinformatics, hemodynamic​.

Research Group Topics

UQ / Data assimilation / Physics-based ML

  • PDF method (Jo, Ju, Fr)
  • Moment Equations (Jo, Ju, Fr)
  • Data assimilation (Fr, Jo, Ha, Do)
  • Machine Learning (Fr, Jo, Ha, Do)
  • DMD (Ha)
  • Sequence Construction (Zi)
  • Inverse Modeling (Zi)

Granular Flows

  • Granular Flows (Jo, So)
  • Energetic Materials (Jo, So)

Fluids/multiphase flows

  • Flow in rough fractures (Di)
  • Acoustofluidics (An)
  • Two-phase shocks (So, Ju)

Numerical Methods (Nu, So, An)

  • High-dimensional PDE (Ar)
  • Reverse Brownian motion for SDEs (Jo)

Petroleum Engineering

  • Reservoir Simulation (Nu)
  • Well-testing (Do)


  • Blood flow
  • Neuroscience



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